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Yarra View Nurseries is a wholesale nursery occupying 12 acres approximately 45 km east of Melbourne, where it has been operating since 1980. The nursery moved from its original site in Wonga Park in 1996. The nursery changed ownership in 2001 from St. John of God Services to Knoxbrooke Incorporated.

Annual production has increased dramatically from 125,000 plants in 2002 to currently producing in excess of 1,000,000 plants in 2012. Stock is predominantly sold in 75 and 140 mm pots with a selection for landscapers up to 450 mm. The product range includes the well known brands of Austraflora natives, Blue Wren fuchsias, Ferndale ferns, Bonsai The Imagination Tree and YVN camellias.

The nursery also produces general lines in range in pots from 75-250 mm, covering a product range of over 1500 varieties. The business has plants contract grown that it doesn't produce so that our customers can have access to the largest range of product possible from one supplier.

136 York Road Mt. Evelyn, VIC 3796 Telephone (03) 9737 0400 F: (03) 9737 0500
Email: yvn@knoxbrooke.com.au
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